Can You Start Your Own Business With No/Low Money?

Yes - Done Right It Can Be Successful Too!

Can you start a business when you have no / low money?

Starting your own business can be a journey filled with excitement and apprehension at the same time. Going down the road towards business ownership, will teach you new things about yourself that you never knew before.

1 Ask yourself what you can do yourself and what you can get for free.

2 Build up six months' worth of savings for all your expenses BEFORE you launch into your new business

3 Ask those who believe in you (your friends and family) for extra funds (Social Crowdfunding)

4 Apply for a small business loan when you need extra cash.

5 Look to small business grants and local funding opportunities.

6. Start part-time and use your current job to finance your start up.

7. Build a FREE online store.

8. Join an Affiliate / Referral Marketing program.

9. Offer a services based business based upon you knowledge & sweat equity

10. Find out about—and woo—potential business partners or angel investors.

If you want to do things differently. If you're determined to get straight to the right answer....  

We believe that running a Small Busines is more than buying-yourself-a-job, it is your life, it is what you love, it is where you believe that you can make a difference.

Here at UFirst Internet Marketing, we are determined to put U First when assisting YOU to become successful in your business ownership dream.

At least once in your lifetime, you should start a business of your own.

You hear and read about everyday people starting their own business. You might even have some friends or family members who are running their own businesses.  

One of the best things you can do as a first step is to reach out to the current business owners in your own network of people and interview them BEFORE you start your own business. 

Another option is to talk to some small business owners you have done business with in the past and see if they can spare you some time to give you some handy hints about owning a business.

One of the biggest challenges I encounter as a consultant, is helping business owners GIVE UP the EMPLOYEE MENTALITY and embrace a BUSINESS OWNER mentality. Trust me, there is a vast difference between these two mentalities.

As a prospective business owner ask questions like:  

  • What is it like to own your own business?
  • What’s the best thing about owning your business?
  • What are some of the greatest challenges as an business owner?
  • Were there any mistakes that you have made that I could learn from?
  • As you approach the business owner, you will find that most of them will be happy to share their experiences with you.  

The main reason I want you to talk to some business owners first is because you will get first hand exposure to what it’s like starting and owning and maintaining a business.

From my perspective, I started my own business as an 11 year old, who leased land from my father to grow crops (cotton, wheat, mung beans initially), I really had no idea what it really took to be an employee. I had to get experience as an employee to better round out my business ownership skillset

Starting your own business with no/low money IS possible. 

Starting a business with no/low money is possible - it will not be easy - but it is possible through hard work and becoming efficient with meagre resources.

You have an idea for your own business, except you don't have any money to start it. Lack of capital is a common excuse for failing to start a business. However as a turnaround business consultant, one of the problems I have to help owners fix is small business issue of insufficient CASHFLOW to pay debt obligations. 

You don't need a miracle, but you do need to follow certain steps to successfully start a business with no money.

Here are some quick tips on how to start your own business with no or low money.


Keep your current job. Starting a new business is very risky and has a very high failure rate. 

Starting a business with no money is even riskier. Have a well thought out business plan so you do not jeopardise your family’s financial well-being. The longer you keep your income from your current job the less pressure you put on yourself to take out money from the business to pay bills and not invest in growing your business. 

When you start your business you are not ready to walk away from a steady income. It’s true that you’ll have to work harder, but you can keep paying your bills as you grow your business. Once your business starts to generate PROFITABLE revenue, you can start thinking about transitioning out of your job.

RedCap Finance Brokers 

EZFinance: RedCap Finance Brokers - Your EZ Finance partner will help you get a preliminary assessment of your financial information quickly and this will determine which banks/lenders you qualify with. 

This puts you back in control of your financial future!

  • EZ Finance can organise a loan for you on-line or face to face (where possible). 
  • EZFinance can also organise a pre-approval for you if you are looking to purchase a property so that you can negotiate with confidence on a good price for the property, knowing your buying power.

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“Getting finance just got easy – EZ”  

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Build a Business on something you know. Build on your past and current passions and experiences. 

Instead of trying to start a business in a niche outside of your speciality, stick to something you know a lot about. Build your business on your proven skills and marketplace-gained knowledge. 

It is true that you can learn new skills, but it will take time (and often-time expensive learning mistakes). If you want to successfully start your own business quickly; you have to focus on what you can do NOW not what you can do well in the FUTURE.  

Learning new skills will require more time and additional expenses (which you cannot currently afford). You might have to take courses, get regulatory licenses, pay consultants/coaches/mentors, etc. 

Starting a business in a field you are familiar with - will give you additional confidence.

Business is hard enough already - without adding more stressors to it!


Do all (or as much as possible) the work yourself - initially!

Starting a business with no money means that you have to learn to do things that you would normally delegate to an employee or an outside company. I agree that it’s exhausting to do all the work yourself, but you don’t have the budget to hire help.  

Doing everything yourself you will be able to put every dollar POSSIBLE - back into your growing your own business. It will be tough! However, it is the only way to build up a cash reserve when you start a business with no money.

Most people forget that when you start a business - You are not just the owner, you are in fact its FIRST EMPLOYEE. Many businessess fail because you - as the owner - forget to PAY your employees! So many business owners get so tired trying to make a success at their business that they often burn out when the work becomes too much because they are scrimping and scrapping to pay others but forget about the health of themselves.

Small business owners tend to fall somewhere near one of the two ends of the pay continuum; either they’ve paid themselves almost everything leftover (after covering the meager business expenses each month) or they’ve paid themselves nothing in an effort to reinvest in the business for growth.

  • When you’re paying yourself everything, you make bad decisions when it comes to spending on growth (marketing, training, networking) and ease (software, contracted/outsourced help). 
  • When you pay yourself nothing, you have a distorted view of how much money it actually takes to run the business - because of all your free labour. This in turn can lead YOU to either resenting your other employees who you think should either put more effort in or you believe they undervalue your sacrifice.

Now, if you find yourself near the middle, good for you, as you have best positioned yourself for long-term success.


Service business owners are the everyday heroes who make our lives run smoothly — think of the people who wash your car, cut your lawns or your hair (hopefully not with the same equipment), do your bookkeeping, assess your taxes, walk your dog, design your website, install flooring, counsel you through life's changes, photograph your wedding, or clean your gutters.  

Whether it’s something indulgent or practical, service-based businesses are all about helping people get stuff done. And from a no/low money startup perspective, these types of businesses usually cost less to launch than traditional product based business startups.

So begin your business life by offering a high profit service - lower risk & a lower cash investment needed. (NB: even a lawn mowing business can be started with what you already have, or you can buy second hand for a lower price) 

You can start a service business with practically no money. Instead of money what you need is the ability to knock on doors and make sales. Even if you ultimately want a high-profit, high-volume product business; owning a service business can help you get there. 

Use the service business framework to finance your dream business, while still learning the skills needed to own and run your own business.



Starting a business with no money means that you have to work hard to get the word out. Don’t keep your business a secret. Tell as many people as you can. Call your friends. Explain it to your family members. 

Make it public. 

Telling people will help you in several ways. For starters, it will give you extra energy. More importantly, it might help you land some of your first customers. People in your network could make valuable introductions.

Advertise your business for free. If you are willing to put in the work, there are many ways you can advertise your business for free or no money like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. The most important part of getting free advertising is that it requires sweat equity to learn how to do it.

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