"Get Finance Ready"
Has Your Bank Said, "NO WAY"?
At UFirst Consulting we say, "YES" more often!



"NO, You do not qualify for a loan!"

That's it!  No explanation, No help given, Just move over - NEXT customer please!
Now there is a Better Way, at Ufirst Consulting

We will help You to Buy Your Own Home, with ...


The loan and loan structure you want to set up today could have a dramatic impact on future financial scenarios, such as:

  • Future investments
  • Your ability to utilise the equity in your property for renovations or other personal purposes.
  • Your ability to maximise your future tax efficiency
  • Your ability to borrow more for a future upgrade

That’s why it’s important to get it right from the start. 

Did you know that the loan with the cheapest interest rate may not necessarily be the best loan for you? Even though some loans look good on the surface, they might actually make it near impossible for you to maintain the flexibility you need, if your circumstances were to change.

For example, imagine you want to move cities for another job or to start a family, or perhaps you’d like to be able to access additional repayments, equity or save on principle costs. Depending on your initial loan, it might be next to impossible to do any of the above without incurring huge costs or dramatic restructures to your loan.

UFirst Consulting and their associated partners have put together their "Get Finance Ready" program to assist people who want to buy their own home, but need assistance and coaching to Get Finance Ready!
So, Who is the "Get Finance Ready" program For?
You should consider this service if you answer YES to questions like;
  • Do you want to buy your own home, but the bank said no!
  • Have you tried to get in control of your finances before and have not succeeded?
  • Do you have bills you can’t pay on time more than once a year?
  • Do you feel stressed about money most of the time?
  • Do you go without proper meals or scrimp and scrape to make it to the end of the week more often than you care to admit to?
  • Do you feel like you just need the world to stop for a while so you can catch up?
  • Do you earn a reasonable income but there never seems to be any left over for you?
  • Do you have a Credit Card you have not paid off in full at least once in the last year?
  • Do you have multiple debts that you have to juggle repayments with?
  • Are you really ready to change?

And you would answer NO to questions like;

  • Would you object to having to report to and be accountable to someone each week to account for how you went with your Get Finance Ready plan?
  • Would you object to re-arranging your bank accounts?
  • Would you object to cutting up some or all of your Credit Cards?
  • Can you see yourself retired on something like $52,000 a year?
  • Do you want to repeat the last 12 months of your finances?

So now you should know if you are a suitable candidate or not.

If you are, I guess it just comes down to the how much you really want to change your current way of life, and what you are prepared to do to bring about that change to create a better future.

But, what does it cost?

I understand that if you are doing it tough, it is not going to be an easy decision to commit money to anything other than the bills that are causing you stress but if you want to break the cycle you need to do something different to what you have always been doing (like struggling to pay bills and never getting ahead).

NOW is the time to take action because NOW is the only time you have to make a change. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is no use to you because between now and then, you will find an excuse NOT to take action.

We guarantee you will get results. All you have to do is do what is asked of you (and we will be on your case to make sure that happens).

So the good news is that the "GET FInance Ready" will cost you considerably less than any of our competitors charge and it is heaps better because we do not want to keep you on our books as a dependent customer for as long as possible like they do.

Our aim is to...

1. Get your immediate money problems sorted out; 

2. To have you understand how money (cash) flows

3. Learn easy everyday money management skills

4. Once we have you over the initial hump we want to do more business with you by taking you to the next level of creating personal wealth and creating multiple ongoing income streams, by helping you buy your own Home and a portfolio of investment properties.

In a nutshell: our fees are fully disclosed to you in your personalised Get Finance Ready Plan, as it will depend on the complexity of your situation, and the service level that you select to receive from us.


12 Month "Get Finance Ready" Program Fee Guarantee

UFirst Consulting offers all our "Get Finance Ready"clients the following guarantee. That if, during, or at the conclusion of the 12 month "Get Finance Ready" program, you, the client, acquires a property where together U1st Realty is the real estate agent and U1st Realty's preferred finance broker arranges the finance to purchase the said property, then U1st Realty will reimburse the client the full amount of the "Get Finance Ready" Program fee that UFirst Consulting has received from the client within 21 business days of completion of the Client's purchase of the said property.

Get started now 

With over 30 years of experience in fixing people’s finances you really can not go wrong putting your trust in the UFirst Consulting "Get Finance Ready" program. 

You have two choices really.

Either decide to keep struggling from one payday to the next, hoping something will change, or decide to do something about it. To help make that decision really easy I am offering a  Complimentary (FREE) Session with a Trained consultant to discuss the program and committments required. If you feel in any way that this program is not for you or that YOUR financial success is not my passion then just let me know and you are not obligated to proceed any further.

So what will happen next if YOU say Yes?

You will receive an e-mail containing the 'Get Finance Ready" prgram agreement and guarantee.  Once the agreement has been signed and the initial payment has been received, you will receive a phone call from your assigned mentor shortly after you are accepted onto the program to begin the program.

Your mentor will take you one step at a time through the program.

You can TRY on your own, or you can actually commit to succeeding with someone to hold your hand and answer your questions while you change your current lifestyle.

Get started now 

When you are looking at clear Credit Card statements, Loan Documents saying PAID IN FULL, no overdue bills and a bank account with an increasing balance, and you feel no stress from money owed; you will look back on the decision to join the "Get Finance Ready" program with a warmth that makes you smile from ear to ear!

The feeling that comes from financial success is something you can achieve and there is no logical reason why it can not be yours. The only blockage is an emotional one. That emotion is Fear!

The fear of failing (again).

The fear of not completing the course and giving up on yourself again.

The fear of not being good enough and maybe the fear of actually succeeding.

It is time to put fear out and put action in its place!

Get started now 

You know you will be in good hands because at UFirst Consulting - Your Success is our Business!


So to Begin, click the "Step Into Your New Home Sooner" mat now.