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How to Get Your Finances In Order So You Can Buy Your Own Home?

RedCap Finance Brokers - Good Credit, Bad Credit, Personal Credit or Business Credit

Being declined by a bank for your mortgage does not mean you are not eligible for a mortgage it just means you haven’t met that particular banks criteria. We have access to over 30 years of combined experience helping clients get a mortgage when their bank has said no.  

So how do we do it? 

We are a mortgage broker who can look beyond your credit history and assess you as an individual. 

We take into account your personal circumstances and aim to quickly secure you a mortgage.

* Home Loans

* Investment Loans

* Bank Loans

* Business Loans

U1st Realty - professional consultants assisting buyers, vendors, investors, & business owners to BUY SELL RENT INVEST. Qld Corporate RE Licence 4054042

Welcome and thanks for stopping by at U1st Realty, one of the leading and most progressive property investment providers in Australia.

Our simple mission is to help you achieve your goals today, tomorrow and into the future.

We understand our clients want to be financially secure both now and in retirement, plus they all want to be ultimately debt free as soon as possible. Great news - we can help you achieve these goals.

Wholesale Property For Sale

Positive Cashflow Property Investments - TRIPLEX House & Land Package

3 x 2 Bedroom Units - 

TDC: $765,000

GRV: $945,000

Instant Equity: $180,000

Rent: $320-$340 pw each

3+1 Bedroom Dual Occupancy Home & Land Packages

from $452,900

2 Legal Rental Units on 1 Title

Positive Cashflow Properties - Many Available with Long Term Corporate Leases (if required) - therefore NO Vacancies - Assured Cashflow!

Dual Key Home & Land Packages available all over Sth East Queensland

Development Opportunities

Development Site Near Existing Public Infrastructure - e.g. - This 999sqm site is suitable for 5 x 3 bedroom townhomes (STCA) and Only $399,990 

TDC - $1,400,000

GRV - $1,650,000

Instant Equity: $250,000

Rent: $330-$350 pw each

SE Qld - Brisbane: Ipswich

High Growth Areas Ready to Boom

SOUTHEAST Queensland house prices are tipped to grow by up to 20 per cent in the next few years as Sydney and Melbourne's once sizzling property markets continue to lose steam, according to one veteran real estate agent.


Making Home Ownership Possible Again!


Get Finance Ready

Help, my Bank just said, "NO WAY! Sorry but You Do Not Qualify For A Home Loan.

At UFirst Consulting, "We Love To Say Yes – All the Time!" 

We Will Help YOU To Buy Your New Home Sooner! 

Has Your Bank Said NO to your home loan application?

Now there is a Better Way!  

UFirst Consulting and their associated partners have put together their "Get Finance Ready" program to assist people who want to buy their own home, but need assistance and coaching to Get Finance Ready!  

So, Who is the "Get Finance Ready" program For?  

You should consider this service if you answer YES to questions like; 

Do you want to buy your own home, but the bank said no to giving you a home loan or investment property loan?

Have you tried to get in control of your finances before and have not succeeded? Do you have bills you can’t pay on time more than once a year?

Do you feel stressed about money most of the time? Do you go without proper meals or scrimp and scrape to make it to the end of the week more often than you care to admit to? Do you feel like you just need the world to stop for a while so you can catch up?

Do you earn a reasonable income but there never seems to be any left over for you?

Do you have a Credit Card you have not paid off in full at least once in the last year?

Do you have multiple debts that you have to juggle repayments with?

Are you really ready to change?

And you would answer NO to questions like:  

Would you object to having a coach help you with your Get Finance Ready plan?

Would you object to re-arranging your bank accounts if need be? Would you object to cutting up some or all of your Credit Cards?

Do you want to repeat the last 12 months of your finances this year?

So now you should know if you are a suitable candidate or not.  

If you are, I guess it just comes down to the how much you really want to change your current way of life, and what you are prepared to do to bring about that change to create a better future.  

But, what does it cost?  

I understand that if you are doing it tough, it is not going to be an easy decision to commit money to anything other than the bills that are causing you stress but if you want to break the cycle you need to do something different to what you have always been doing (like struggling to pay bills and never getting ahead).  

NOW is the time to take action because NOW is the only time you have to make a change. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is no use to you because between now and then, you will find an excuse NOT to take action.  

We guarantee you will get results. All you have to do is do what is asked of you (and our team will be on your case to enure that can happen).  

So the good news is that the "Get Finance Ready" will cost you considerably less than any of our competitors charge and it is heaps better because we do not want to keep you on our books as a dependent customer for as long as possible like they do.  

Our aim is to...  

1. Get your immediate money problems sorted out;  

2. To have you understand how cash flows  

3. Learn easy money management skills  

Once we have you over the initial hump we want to do more business with you by taking you to the next level of creating personal wealth and creating multiple ongoing income streams, by helping you buy your own Home and a portfolio of investment properties.  

"Get Finance Ready" Program Fee Structure:  

Our fees are fully disclosed to you in your personalised Get Finance Ready Plan, as the program cost will depend on the complexity of your individual situation, and the service level that you select to receive from us.

Ask us today - we really want to help you to own your own home sooner! Look at our Guarantee offer below...

OUR GUARANTEE ... "Get Finance Ready" Program Fee Reimbursement Guarantee  

UFirst Consulting offers all our "Get Finance Ready"clients the following guarantee. 

That if, during, or at the conclusion of the 12 month "Get Finance Ready" program, that when you (the client) buys a property through our parent company - U1st Realty & get your new home loan through our preferred finance broker, then we will reimburse YOU, the full amount of the "Get Finance Ready" Program fee within 21 business days of the settlement of your newly bought property.  

NB: We can even help you to use this Program Fee Reimbursement towards your deposit, just ask us. 

Get started now  

With over 30 years of experience in fixing people’s finances you really can not go wrong putting your trust in the UFirst Consulting "Get Finance Ready" program.  

You have two choices really.  

Either decide to keep struggling from one payday to the next, hoping something will change, or decide to do something about it. 

To help make that decision really easy I am offering a Complimentary (FREE) Session with one of our expert consultants to discuss the program and committments required. 

IF you feel in any way that this program is not for you or that YOUR financial success is not my passion then just let me know and you are not obligated to proceed any further.  

So what will happen next if YOU say Yes?  

You will receive an e-mail containing the 'Get Finance Ready" prgram agreement and guarantee. Once the agreement has been signed and the initial payment has been received, you will receive a phone call from your assigned mentor shortly after you are accepted onto the program to begin the program.  

Your mentor will take you one step at a time through the program.  

You can TRY on your own, or you can actually commit to succeeding with someone to hold your hand and answer your questions while you change your current lifestyle.  

Get started now  

When you are looking at clear Credit Card statements, Loan Documents saying PAID IN FULL, no overdue bills and a bank account with an increasing balance, and you feel no stress from money owed; you will look back on the decision to join the "Get Finance Ready" program with a warmth that makes you smile from ear to ear!  

The feeling that comes from financial success is something you can achieve and there is no logical reason why it can not be yours. The only blockage is an emotional one. That emotion is Fear!  

The fear of failing (again).  

The fear of not completing the course and giving up on yourself again. The fear of not being good enough and maybe the fear of actually succeeding.  

It is time to put fear out and put action in its place!  

Contact UFirst Consulting now  

You know you will be in good hands because at UFirst Consulting - Your Success is our Business!  

There are no miracles or magic wands used here, but in a few days you can get stress relief, regain your peace of mind and stop being afraid of losing your Great Australian Dream - to own your own home.

You have already made the right move and started looking for a solution to your financial problems. Don't stop here...

Call us on 1300 8178 73 now or simply fill in the inquiry form at the top and one of our consultants will contact you at a convenient time.

Let us help you to ...

Get a Free 2nd Opinion

Who said getting a small business loan had to be difficult? We have a finance solution that’s fast and easy. All it takes is ten minutes to apply, you get approval the same day and the money you need is in your account in under 24 hours* so you can get on with business, sooner.  

Fast. Easy. Efficient. Loans for Small Business.  

• Borrow between $5,000 and $250,000 • Apply online in 10 minutes and be approved same day • Get your funds within 24 hours* • Enjoy cashflow-friendly repayments • Terms from 3 to 24 months • A dedicated account manager to see you through  

Get in touch today and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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Meet Allan & Jeff


With over 50 years of real estate experience between us, we've learned numerous strategies to assist our clients buy their own home and investment property/ies and saving them the most money in the process. I hope this program can help you get statred and become Finance Ready, too!

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