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Owning your own business can be a very rewarding experience. 

However, when you start up your own business, YOU BELIEVE that you will be your own boss, control your own destiny, and maximize your potential; however I have found after working with many business owners that they soon discover ttheir ideals have to be tempered by unnecessary red tape & compliance requirements, third party demands (bank, tax, BAS, workers, suppliers, customers, etc), family pressures, and personal space. 

In order for a successful business to be able to provide the local area with a product or service that is in demand. Anytime you plan on starting up a business, there are a number of steps that you will need to take to ensure that your business will be successful. Taking these steps will allow you to make your business reputable and profitable. 

When starting your business you will need to decide on many things. The type of business you want to start up. What structure you will operate under - personal name, trust, company, partnership, etc. As well as evaluating the demand of your chosen product/service and analysing the potential customer base for that product/service, you will also want to acquire adequate funding for a successful startup and launch, and decide on a location in which to operate. 

Businesses will also need to market themselves, as well as provide the best possible service for their customers. Following these basic steps will ensure that a new or an existing business can reach its goals and become one of the best in its local community and beyond!

Does My Small Business Need A Website?

Do small, local businesses really need a website? 

Yes! Mobile search is taking over, with the majority of on-the-go users visiting local businesses within 24 hours of doing their research. If you don’t have a website, you could be missing out on massive opportunities to reach nearby customers looking for products and services just like yours.

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Does Your Business Need a Tune Up or a Launch?

If your business is in need of a tune up or start up launch?

Yes! We Can Help!

We don't need to tell you that it is a tough world to own and operate a business. If your business is not operating well then the chances are it will not survive. The real opportunities lie within the business model itself.

Starting from where it is today...

  • Where does it need to be 
  • How does it get there
  • What needs to change
  • How do we implement those changes
  • When does it need to change
  • What budget do we have to work with

This process is called a Business Tune up. Together, RedCap Consulting and UFirst Internet Marketing, we want to help you and your business survive and, more importantly, prosper!

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Looking for One-On-One Coaching Help?  

Ready for professional help and guidance?  

We understand how to...  

  • generate more leads
  • create more sales conversions
  • develop more profitability
  • map out your entire sales process so you know exactly what to do and when to do it

Less than 3% of small business owners make more than $150,000 annually and less than one half of 1% ever reach $1 million in total revenue. 

Do NOT be one of them! 

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What is a Business? 

A Business is the organised efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods and/or services for profit to customers. 

Most people will probably start their business for one these following main reasons...

  • It is something you wanted to do your whole life
  • Forced upon you through a job loss, death, or forced relocation.
  • Something that will grow out of an experiment or a hobby
  • An opportunity too good to be true will present itself and you are crazy enough to try and turn it into a business.
  • Can't stand the current boss / work environment
  • Believe you could do what you currently do better and make more money while doing it.

If you have not thoroughly researched your desired business or obtained the required education prior to launching your business, then the ‘University of Hard Knocks’ awaits. I have learnt that you will get your business education in either 1 of 2 ways.  

1. You pay out money to get knowledge from a school, or coach/mentor, or apprenticeship.  

2. You lose money through failure  

Either way - IT will cost you to get your education!

Whatever your reason is; it’s almost too late to educate yourself AFTER you take the leap to start your own business. Especially because that’s what happens when you do not create a well researched business plan. 

DON'T get trapped into thinking that building a successful and profitable business is more luck than skill. To succeed in business today, you need to be teachable, have a great work ethic, an ability to be flexible, and have good planning and organisational skills. 

Many people start a business thinking that they no longer want to work for a boss, and that if just the act of turning on their computers, or opening their shop doors that they will start making money; only to find that making money in a business is much more difficult than they thought. 

You can avoid this in your business by taking your time and planning out all the necessary steps you need to best position yourself to achieve success. 

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